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Bipath Accounting
View Billing History / Update Payment Method
‍‍View your complete subscription history, download invoices, change payment methods, update or downgrade subscription.
Bipath Change Password
Change Password
Use this option if you would like to change your passwords but do not want to use the lost password function on the login page.
Bipath Support Site
Support Site
‍‍Review all of our platform documentation, how to guides and all things Contact Cloud on out support site.

Forms and Requests

Bipath Accounting
Number Porting Request
‍‍Need to port one or more number to Contact Cloud. Complete this form. You will need the most recent bill from your telephone number provider. The bill must contain the number number, account number and your name.
Bipath Change Password
CNAM Change Request
‍‍Change the caller ID that is presented to the receiver of your phone calls. Avoid those callers to screen calls and dont pick up because they dont know it your business calling.